Random: This Is One Device Doom Should Never Have Been Ported To 1
Image: @atc1441

Doom has been ported to loads of different devices, some more suitable than others.

We've had Doom on calculators, fridge freezers and even printers – but this latest venture is one we're not sure we can entirely get behind.

id Software's iconic FPS has been ported to a product made by Tifforun called "UFO Man's Visual Feast" – a (ahem) "tool" designed to help "stimulate" (ahem) gentlemen whilst displaying an image on its built-in screen.

Anyway, Aaron Christophel has created a port of Doom for this odd device, which you can see in action below (don't worry, the footage is entirely safe for work):

Ok, that's enough Doom porting for now. Please stop porting Doom to sex toys.