Evercade VS-R, EXP-R And Tomb Raider Collection Hit By Small Delay 1
Image: @evercaderetro

Blaze has announced that its Evercade VS-R and Evercade EXP-R consoles have been delayed, along with Tomb Raider Collection 1 and Thalamus Collection 1.

The new release date is August 30th 2024. All of these products were due to be released in July.

"We have an update for you on some release date changes for some of our upcoming hardware and cartridges," says Blaze in a press release.

"These changes are due to an unforeseen production delay and a subsequent shipping delay in transit that has forced us to move our planned release date. The release date of the Evercade VS-R, Evercade EXP-R, Tomb Raider Collection 1, and Thalamus Collection 1 will now move to August 30th 2024. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause. Your retailer will shortly be updating the release date for any pre-orders and contacting you to confirm the change."

[source evercade.co.uk]