Evercade's Next Two Carts Include Batsugun, Super BurgerTime And Midnight Resistance 1
Image: @evercaderetro

Blaze has just revealed the next two Evercade cartridges, and they're packed with coin-op goodness from Data East and Toaplan, two giants of the arcade scene.

Toaplan Arcade 3 includes the following games:

  • Batsugun
  • Batsugun Special Version
  • FixEight
  • Ghox
  • Out Zone
  • Truxton II
  • Vimana

There's some obvious crossover here with BitWave's recent collection of Toaplan shooters on Steam, but the idea of pocket-sized TATE versions of Batsugun and Truxton II has us positively salivating.

The second cartridge collection is Data East Arcade 2, which has 12 games:

  • B-Wings
  • Crude Buster
  • Edward Randy
  • Express Raider
  • Joe & Mac Returns
  • Last Mission
  • Midnight Resistance
  • Peter Pepperโ€™s Ice Cream Factory
  • Shoot Out
  • SRD: Super Real Darwin
  • Super BurgerTime
  • Trio The Punch: Never Forget Me...

While there are several fantastic titles included here โ€“ such as Super BurgerTime, Crude Buster (Two Crude Dudes) and the iconic Midnight Resistance, Edward Randy (also known as The Cliffhanger: Edward Randy) is arguably the highlight here. It has never been ported to any home system before, and is one of Data East's most technically impressive arcade games.

Both carts are launching in November, alongside the Evercade Alpha bartop arcade machines. Pre-orders will open on September 26th, 2024.