Doom II Comes To The SNES, Thanks To Fans 1
Image: id Software

It might not be the best version of the game, but the fact that Doom is on the SNES at all is still a technical feat which amazes us.

Sadly for SNES owners, that was as good as it got – until now, that is. The first two levels of its sequel have now been ported to Nintendo's 16-bit console as part of a new project to bring Doom II to the system.

The port has some caveats; as we've noted, it's currently limited to the first two maps from the game. Another issue is that it only uses assets already available in the original Doom port.

"The first two levels of Doom II ported to SNES," says Sunlitspace542. "No other content from Doom II has been ported. This hack only uses the assets already available in the game (except for the levels, title screen, and intermission background, of course). Big thanks to Randy Linden for programming Doom for SNES, and releasing the source code! This would not have been possible without his hard work."

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