PS1 Doom Has Been Backported To PC 1
Image: id Software

The PS1 version of Doom wasn't the first port of the PC original – it had already been on the Jaguar and 3DO and even SNES by the time it made its way to Sony's 32-bit console – but it's one of the most popular, mainly because the PlayStation was in so many households all over the world.

However, it also has some other cool stuff going for it, such as Aubrey Hodges' wonderfully atmospheric soundtrack.

Now, both the PS1 version of the original game and Final Doom have been ported back to the PC thanks to the efforts of , creator of PsyDoom.

"This project backports PlayStation Doom and Final Doom to PC via reverse engineering," reads the project's GitHub page. "The code is derived directly from the original PlayStation machine code and now runs natively on modern systems, having been gradually converted from emulated MIPS instructions to structured C++ code over time."

What's really cool about this project is that the games benefit from modern-day creature comforts, such as high-resolution visuals and widescreen support. You can also create mods and other cool features, too.

"The port is very accurate in terms of its gameplay and has been verified to reproduce exactly 4 playthroughs of PSX Doom & Final Doom (NTSC & PAL) given the original player inputs stored in demo recordings," continues BodbDearg. "The game also has no external dependencies and just needs a valid .cue file of the original game disc to run."