Evercade Alpha Is A Bartop Arcade System Packed With Capcom Games 1
Image: @evercaderetro

Evercade maker Blaze has revealed the details behind its previously-teased Alpha system – it's a bartop-sized arcade machine packed with Capcom games that also accepts Evercade cartridges.

Available in two variants – Evercade Alpha Street Fighter Bartop Arcade and Evercade Alpha Mega Man Bartop Arcade – each unit includes six classic Capcom coin-op games, showcasing "deeper cuts rarely released in this form factor," according to Blaze.

The Evercade Alpha Street Fighter Bartop Arcade includes the following games:

The Evercade Alpha Mega Man Bartop Arcade features:

Evercade Alpha Is A Bartop Arcade System Packed With Capcom Games 1
Image: @evercaderetro

The marquee in each unit is swappable, with each unit coming with a selection of different marquee options. However, unlike other scale-model arcade machine replicas, you won't need to build the Evercade Alpha – it all comes preassembled.

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Here's a list of headline features:

● Dual Evercade Cartridge slot built-in
● Compatible with all Evercade cartridges (500+)
● Six built-in games per arcade
● Competition-Grade Arcade Controls
● 2 USB Controller ports for 2P local multiplayer (controllers sold separately)
● Compatible with Evercade and third-party USB controllers
● 8” High-Resolution IPS 4:3 Screen
● Light-up marquee bar with swappable marquees (3 included)
● USB-C cable and plug included
● Built-in WiFi for updates and features
● Stereo Speakers
● Earphone Jack
● Pre-assembled Bartop Arcade Unit
● H-410mm X W-244mm X D-316mm

But that's not all; Blaze is also releasing deluxe versions of the pair, which feature SANWA-made controls, a bundled Evercade Alpha USB controller, six swappable marquees (with one coming pre-installed), a Certificate of Authenticity and an exclusive Evercade Alpha Poster.

The Evercade Alpha will be available at an introductory price during its pre-order period, costing £199.99 | $229.99 | €229.99. This price will only be available to those who pre-order the system between June 4th and its release in November 2024. The standard retail price will be £229.99 | $249.99 | €249.99 once the pre-order period has finished.

The Deluxe Editions of the Evercade Alpha will be exclusive to Blaze's retail partner Funstock and will cost £249.99 | €289.99 each. "To allow for the best shipping rates, US and Canada orders of the Deluxe Edition Evercade Alpha units will be distributed directly from the US," says Blaze. "EU and UK/Rest of World orders will be dispatched locally from Funstock’s EU and UK warehouses."

Evercade Alpha Is A Bartop Arcade System Packed With Capcom Games 1
Image: @evercaderetro

Here's what Andrew Byatt, CEO of Blaze, had to say about the news:

At Blaze, our vision for Evercade has always been to create a thriving ecosystem offering diverse ways to enjoy our cartridges. We're thrilled to introduce Alpha Arcades to our customers, providing the ultimate Evercade Arcade gaming experience for our fans. This continued collaboration with Capcom brings an incredible lineup of arcade classics to Evercade. We believe fans will love titles like Mega Man Power Battle and the Street Fighter Alpha Series. After that, they can play hundreds of other games from our Evercade library simply by slotting in a cartridge. It's an exciting time for Evercade, and we can't wait for gamers to experience the Evercade Alpha.

Blaze is also releasing refreshed variants of its EXP and VS consoles this year.