This Handheld Saturn Is Based On Sega's 'Venus' Prototype, And We Want It 1
Image: @tzmwxdiyer

If you've been following the efforts of Chinese modder TZMWX for the past year or so, you'll be aware that they've been working on a portable Saturn console.

The project reached its conclusion a while back, but TZMWX has now shown off a new case design which imitates the unreleased Venus prototype Sega revealed back in 2020. That system was a portable Mega Drive, and would eventually hit the North American market in a different guise as the Nomad.

TZMWX's handheld doesn't run Mega Drive games, and is based around the core Saturn hardware, a Fenrir ODE, VCD card, M/4M EXRAM and a 4M memory card.

"The colour of the newly purchased 3D printing material is similar to the blue-grey colour of the JVC Saturn shell, which looks quite comfortable," says the modder. "I changed the shell of a Saturn handheld game console I made last year to this colour and renamed it Venus S."

We've never wanted something so badly in our entire lives. What about you?