Image: Interplay Productions/Bethesda Softworks

Following the success of the Fallout TV series earlier this year, there have been a lot of players who have decided to go back to the series's origins and experience the 1997 post-apocalyptic role-playing game for themselves on Steam and GOG.

However, recently, on Reddit, one user named Loopuze1 generated a lot of curiosity and interest after they demonstrated a little-known unofficial port of the popular PC game for the 3DS (which was later reported on by TheGamer and a bunch of other video game news outlets).

Posting on the Classic Fallout subreddit, Loopuze1 shared some cool pictures of a 3DS running a modified build of the PC game, with an operational touch screen, and stated, "I’ve had the first fallout for years, but it’s always ran too crappy on my pc and I never get far, but this awesome 3ds port is running great (even if it is a little clunky having to cycle between left and right click with L button)."

The port, as many before us learned, is actually the work of the programmer MrHuu and is a fork from AlexBatalov's FalloutCE for modern operating systems that takes advantage of @FtZPetruska's SDL2 support for 3DS. It was revealed back in August of last year on the GBATemp forums and seems to have gotten a recent update in the last month to further fix some issues and improve compatibility.

In order to get it up and running, you'll need a modded Nintendo 3DS, a legally acquired copy of the original game as well as the Fallout-ce-3DS files from GitHub. You'll then need to copy the files 'critter.dat' and 'master.dat', as well as the 'data' folder over to 'sdmc:/3ds/fallout/', per MrHuu's instructions.

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