Random: Never Seen Yoshi Pop A Cap? Then You've Clearly Not Played Game & Watch Gallery 1
Image: Nintendo

Despite the fact that he's happy to chomp enemies and poop them out as eggs, we've never really considered Yoshi to be an especially violent character – until now, that is.

Streamer and games writer @sebmal has brought it to our attention (and the attention of plenty of other people) that Game & Watch Gallery's modern take on Oil Panic sees Yoshi embracing his more violent, uncontrolled side.

As you can see from the video below (which contains some bad language), Yoshi has several means of attacking Bowser in this particular mini-game. He does his usual egg-throwing technique but eventually opts for a more direct means of dealing with the half-shelled baddie – he pulls out a gun and shoots him.

Released in 1997 for the monochrome Game Boy, Game & Watch Gallery is technically the second game in the series, following 1995's Game Boy Gallery: 5 games in 1; this was only released in Europe and Australia. As a result, Game & Watch Gallery is known as Game Boy Gallery 2 in Australia.

Game & Watch Gallery 2, Game & Watch Gallery 3 and Game & Watch Gallery Advance also form part of the same series, all of which take inspiration from Nintendo's iconic LCD Game & Watch handheld franchise.

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