Image: Nichibutsu

This week's Arcade Archives release will be Nichibutsu's Dig Dug-esque vacuum cleaner game Wiping. According to the Japanese website Famitsu, it will begin distribution tomorrow (on June 6th) across both PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Wiping was originally released in arcades in Japan, Europe, and North America back in 1982 and was later rereleased under the title Rug Rats in 1983. In both versions of the game, players take control of a vacuum cleaner, with the goal being to clean up their surroundings and get rid of a bunch of enemy germs moving around onscreen.

Players can set about killing germs in a few different ways. This includes spraying soap at the enemies and sucking them up while they're temporarily incapacitated or travelling over rugs to trap one or more of them that are following in their wake.

In addition to battling enemies, there are also a bunch of additional items to collect for bonus points, which (when all of them are obtained) will also unlock a special crown object worth even more towards your final score.

How this is implemented is different between the two versions of the games, however. In Wiping, players will need to collect four items to make the crown appear and won't be able to see where the items are on the screen after the game begins (encouraging you to clean more of the level). Meanwhile, in Rug Rats, you only need three items and these are visible at all times.

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