Cop 01
Image: Nichibutsu

Hamster Corp has announced that it will be bringing Nichbutsu's 1985 arcade shooter Cop 01 to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 as this week's Arcade Archives release (as reported by Famitsu & spotted by Gosokkyu). It will be coming to both platforms on June 29th.

Admittedly, Cop 01 is a bit more of an obscure release than some of the more recent Arcade Archives announcements. It is a side-scrolling action game that borrows rather blatantly from the James Bond films, with the story focusing on a character named James who must rescue his girlfriend Stacey from an evil organization named Spectre. There's even a jetpack too, which is almost certainly a reference to the James Bond films Thunderball (1965) or Never Say Never Again (1983).

The game features multiple pathways, all of which are filled with henchmen, mechanical turrets, and bats intent on slowing you down. As if that wasn't enough, you must also be careful to avoid various pitfalls too, as well as traps that are positioned in your way.

You'll be able to buy it directly from the Nintendo Switch eShop or PlayStation Store as soon as it releases.

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