Image: Taito

Hamster and Taito Corp have announced that Taito's arcade shoot-em-up Megablast will be this week's Arcade Archives title. It will be available to purchase on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 from tomorrow (June 15th).

Megablast first hit arcades all the way back in 1989 and was built with the Taito F2 system hardware in mind. At the time, it wasn't ported over to any consoles, but later on, it did see a rerelease on the PS2, being included as one of the many games within the Taito Memories II Gekan collection.

The set-up for the shooter, in case you've never played it, sees two fighter pilots on a mission to rescue Earth's women from a mass abduction by an alien race. As the player, you must travel through 8 stages, battling alien spacecraft and mini-bosses modelled after previous Taito characters like Chack'n from Chack'n Pop and Bub from Bubble Bobble, with the ultimate goal being to stop the invasion.

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