Image: Space Lab 9

Namco's iconic arcade title Splatterhouse is coming to the Arcade Archives range this month, it has been confirmed. The game will release on PlayStation 4 and Switch on June 22nd.

Originally released in arcades back in 1988, Splatterhouse became famous for its gory visuals and often shocking subject matter. It was ported to the PC Engine and would later spawn sequels and spin-offs on the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis and Famicom. A reboot was released in 2010.

To celebrate the release, Hamster is holding a special live stream which will include input from several of the key developers behind the game, including Takashi Oda, Masanori Ishida, Shigenori Kanai and Yoshinori Kawamoto.

At the end of last year, it was reported that Spatterhouse producer Kazumi Mizuno had sadly passed away.

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