The Electronic musician Mitch Murder, perhaps best known for his contributions to the 2015 film Kung Fury, has dropped his latest album on YouTube and Bandcamp, and it will certainly be of particular interest to Sega Saturn fans.

The concept album 'Pit Stop Hero' is being pitched to listeners as the soundtrack for a long-lost pit-stop simulation game for the Sega Saturn from the fictional video game company Stratosoft. It features 8 video game-themed tracks, including music for a character select, course select, and a game-over screen, and contains plenty of sampled voices, dream-like synths, and City Pop-style bass lines.

Here's the full track listing, in case you're interested:

  1. Pit Stop Hero
  2. Select Mechanic
  3. Select Course
  4. In The Pit
  5. Head Office
  6. Victory Lap
  7. End Titles
  8. Game Over

As part of its promotion, the artist has even gone to the lengths of releasing a fictional review of the game said to be taken from Sega Saturn Magazine. This includes screenshots of what the game might have looked like and humorously calls it a "stressful and disappointing game best to be avoided".

Pit Stop Hero
Image: Mitch Murder

You can buy the full album now on Bandcamp on a "name your price" basis.