Sega Saturn Zara
Image: Zara

Video games and fashion go pretty much hand-in-hand these days, with many high street clothing retailers selling shirts emblazed with Fortnite, Sonic, Mario and Pokémon.

However, we're starting to see a few more 'deep cuts' when it comes to these kinds of products – such as a Sega Saturn 'bum bag' (or 'fanny pack', if you're in North America) being sold at Zara.

Spotted last week, this bag is sold in the kid's section of the store and, even more bizarrely, is based on the white controller which shipped with the Mk2 Japanese console:

We know what you're all thinking – just how big is that bag, and what can it hold? Well, thanks to our friend King Monkey, we can confirm that a Sega Game Gear slots in just fine:

Sega Saturn Zara
Image: King Monkey

Mega Drive bags are also being added to Zara's collection:

While it's not odd as such to see Sega-related products on the shelves of fashion stores, the Saturn wasn't anywhere near as successful as the Genesis / Mega Drive – and it seems an odd choice to pick the Japanese variant of the console's controller, which won't resonate as strongly with Western players. But hey! We're not complaining, and – as you might have guessed – we've got one on order.

The Sega Saturn Belt Bag costs £17.99.