Mega Drive Mini 2
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

Update (Fri 24th Mar, 2023 13:45 GMT): Sega Japan has finally announced the results of the Mega Drive Mini 2 questionnaire, most excitedly revealing what mini console Japanese players want next.

It appears the Sega Saturn was the clear winner with 88% of votes from respondents, with the Sega Dreamcast coming in second with 79%, and a potential third Mega Drive Mini earning 69%. The livestream is now over, but you can watch it back on YouTube here or see Gosokkyu's Twitter thread for the other highlights like game rankings.

Sega Mega Drive Mini 2 Poll Results
Image: Sega Japan

Update (Fri 10th Mar, 2023 12:00 GMT): Sega Japan has announced it will reveal the results of the aforementioned questionnaire in a live stream taking place on March 24th, 2023 at 20:00 JST (as spotted by gosokkyu).

In the meantime, it's asking Japanese players for their thoughts on Mega Drive Mini 2 titles via Twitter, with some of these comments also expected to appear on the live broadcast.

Original article (Mon 31st Oct, 2022 11:00 GMT): Sega's Mega Drive Mini 2 launched last week, and, if you were lucky enough to snag a Japanese model, you might have noticed something interesting about the packaging.

On the inner flap of the box, you'll find a web address / QR code, along with a 4-digit password. This takes you to an online questionnaire which covers a wide range of questions, such as where you purchased the console, how you heard about it and what other mini-consoles you currently own (thanks, gosokkyu).

The most interesting question relates to future mini-consoles from Sega. Asking "which classic Sega hardware replica would you like to see next?", Sega gives you the following options:

  • SC-3000
  • SG-1000/1000 II
  • Mark III/Master System
  • Saturn
  • Dreamcast
  • MD Mini 3
  • Game Gear Micro pt.2
  • non-Micro Game Gear
  • arcade (a la Astro City Mini)
  • other (specify)
  • not particularly interested

Interestingly, another question asks "if a remake or sequel to a classic Sega IP were to be released, would you buy it?", while other questions ask what you'd want from a 'revival' series.

Sega has already released the Mega Drive Mini, Mega Drive Mini 2, Game Gear Micro, Astro City Mini and Astro City Mini V as part of its 'mini console' series.