Kazuhiko Nishi
Image: UOC

Earlier this week, we reported that the modular computer MSX0 had officially hit its funding target on the Japanese crowdfunding site Camp-Fire.jp, but now it appears that the face of the project and MSX co-creator Kazuhiko Nishi is facing some new challenges with an unrelated financial issue.

As spotted by @Gosokkyu, Nishi tweeted on Thursday, March 23rd that he had signed an agreement to be a guarantor for a friend's business loan five years ago, and now that the bank has sold that debt to collectors, it is up to him to pay the amount back.

Obviously, this isn't what you want to hear from the person behind a successful crowdfunding campaign with almost 2000 investors, but Nishi assures backers that it won't impact the project as it relates to another company; not IOT Media Laboratory.

Responses online from Japanese Twitter users have included a mixture of support, criticisms of Japan's joint-guarantor system, and questions about whether it might impact his ownership of the MSX rights.

Nishi closed the statement by saying that IOT Media Laboratory will continue to put "all our efforts into the MSX".

[source nishi.org, via twitter.com]