Waterfield Playdate Magnetic Case
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

We're big fans of the Playdate here at Time Extension, but if there's one thing we get a bit nervous over, it's taking the wee little device out and about.

It's such a delicate-looking thing, we can't help but feel intensely protective over it – and finding the right carry case hasn't been as easy as we'd like, given the unusual dimensions of the unit compared to other handhelds.

Thankfully, those lovely folks at Waterfield have come up with the solution and were kind enough to send us a sample to check out. The Playdate Magnetic Case comes in leather, canvas and nylon variants and doesn't have a fiddly zipper to contend with – as its name suggests, it showcases a magnetic closure for easy access.

Inside, there's plenty of padding to keep your beloved device safe and even a separate pocket to store your charging cable. The case itself is pretty large as a result, but still small enough to slip into your bag or rucksack without too much trouble.

Of course, given the nature of magnetic closures, you do need to be a little more careful than you would be with a zipper-based option – squeezing the case tightly opens it, and if you do that at the wrong time, you could find your Playdate making an unscheduled stop with hard, unforgiving concrete. Thankfully, though, we can report that after a week of carrying it around, we've yet to experience this nightmarish scenario.

At $50, the Playdate Magnetic Case isn't cheap, but if you've purchased any Waterfield product in the past, you'll be well aware that you get what you pay for. Cheaper options might be available, but we're not sure you'll find anything quite as well-made as this.

Thanks to Waterfield for supplying the Playdate Magnetic Case used in this feature.