Streets of Rage 2
Image: Sega

The Playdate may not be capturing as many headlines from mainstream outlets as it used to, but that doesn't mean there isn't a wealth of incredible projects that are in development for the console.

Recently, for instance, we came across an exciting new project from @OctobinzGaming: a working Sega Genesis emulator for the miniature handheld (thanks @FatNoseGaming!).

Octobinz revealed the project earlier today and even shared a couple of gifs of two Genesis games Streets of Rage 2 and ESWAT: City Under Siege rendered in the device's 1-bit graphical style, which you can see below. Obviously, we predict readability may be an issue for some of its games, but it will be amazing to have another way of experiencing the console's classic library.

Posting in the Playdate dev forums, Octobinz explained why they decided to take on the project and also gave an update on its current progress:

"I remember spending countless hours playing on my Megadrive as a kid, and I needed some low-level programming week-end project...So I started working on a Megadrive emulator for Playdate. The 68k emulation is based off Musashi, sound does not work yet, but some games are running."

In the same post, they promised to make the source code available "whenever I have it running on the device and have cleaned up the messy parts of it." Of course, we'll try and keep you posted if and when that happens, but for now, you can go follow and support Octobinz on their Twitter.

What do you think of this project? Comment and let us know!