Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

Panic's Playdate handheld has just gotten a sizeable update which switches on the console's online digital store, allowing users to download games directly onto their device without having to use a computer.

Dubbed "Catalog", the store becomes available via the latest firmware update for the system. There are two free games to download, and nine other titles are available for purchase.

Panic also confirmed that the much-hyped Stereo Dock is still coming, and beta units are already in testing. There's no solid release window as yet, but if you liked the look of this accessory and were wondering what had happened to it, then ponder no more.

The final piece of news relating to Playdate is somewhat less welcome – the console is going up in price.

As of April 7th, it will rise from $179 USD to $199 USD. Existing pre-orders will not be impacted, and Panic says that it will keep the current price for one month, giving you time to get your order in now, if you were on the fence previously.

You can watch the whole presentation below.