Image: Sega-AM2

The Shenmue experts over at Shenmue Dojo announced earlier today that the definitive documentary about the series — "A Gamers Journey: The Definitive History of Shenmue" — is now available to buy and rent online.

A Gamers Journey started life as a Kickstarter project back in 2018, which raised over $53,012 CAD from 1,034 backers. It was created by the Canadian filmmaker Adam Sipione and is a closer look at the legacy of the Shenmue series.

Digital and Blu-Ray copies of the documentary started shipping out to backers earlier this year, but it appears there's no need to worry if you missed the chance to support the campaign back when it was originally running, as you can now get your hands on a digital version online. That's because Apple TV, Amazon, YouTube, Google Play, and the Microsoft Store, have all added the film to their online stores to either buy or rent.

The in-depth documentary notably features interviews with several Shenmue developers including Yu Suzuki, Hiroaki Takeuchi, and Eigo Kasahara, as well as insights from the English voice cast for the games and various other talking heads. While filming the documentary, Sipione even got to visit the YS Net offices, with Yu Suzuki meeting the production team and showing them some incredible behind-the-scenes documentation for the original game.

You can watch the trailer below: