As spotted by VGC, a treasure trove of footage (including some unseen material) from Nintendo Spaceworld 2000 has been remastered and posted online.

The Ziff Davis vice-president Adam Doree posted his footage of the event online seven days ago, with the video compilation being both "color-corrected" and "semi-stabilized", as well as receiving other improvements. It shows footage of Nintendo's press conference, which is where the Nintendo GameCube was revealed for the first time ever to the world.

As Doree states in the video description, a translation of the conference was made available to the press at the time, though sadly this video is only in Japanese as it was beyond their capabilities at the time to feed that into the capture. Nevertheless, it's a fascinating look at the event, and it's great to see it all these years later in such high quality.

Following the conference section of the video, Doree also filmed some footage from the show floor, including the tech demos for Wave Race, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Mario 128, Banjo Kazooie, Luigi's Mansion, Meowth's Party, Perfect Dark, and Star Wars Rogue Squadron II.

Many of these tech demos such as Meowth's Party, Perfect Dark, and Banjo Kazooie were never developed into full games for the GameCube. The tech demos for Mario 128 and The Legend of Zelda, meanwhile, were far removed from the next entries in their respective series: Super Mario Sunshine and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

The video ends with a Q&A roundtable with Shigeru Miyamoto, where he is seen taking questions from the press. You can watch the full video above!

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