Final Fantasy VI
Image: Square Enix

Modders Connor and Chelsea Dunn are working on a new mod which will combine Final Fantasy VI with the look and feel of Final Fantasy Tactics (thanks, RPG Fan).

The mod will seek to fuse the characters and story of the sixth mainline Final Fantasy with Final Fantasy Tactics' visuals, music and gameplay. The ultimate aim will be to have new stages, sprites and skills for the characters to unlock. Meanwhile, the game's soundtrack will be reimagined using Final Fantasy Tactics' trademark sound and audio style.

You can see some early footage below:

Released on the SNES and Super Famicom in 1994 (the North American version was renamed Final Fantasy III as it was technically the third mainline entry in that region at the time), Final Fantasy VI is considered to be one of the best instalments in the long-running series.

Final Fantasy Tactics, released on the PlayStation in 1997, was made by largely the same team that produced Tactics Ogre and, as the title suggests, is more focused on turn-based strategy than traditional RPG elements.

Taking two of the most acclaimed Final Fantasy games and combining them certainly feels like a recipe for success, so we'll be keeping our eyes on this project as it matures.