Image: noclip

Noclip, the creatives behind crowdfunded documentaries on games like Hades, The Outer Worlds, and most recently Age of Empires, has announced that it has launched a new channel primarily devoted to video game preservation.

It hasn't revealed the full scope of the project yet, but from the description found on the channel and Noclip's replies on Twitter it appears that the Noclip Game History Archive will be an archive for digitized media, including promotional films and press materials, as well as a home for previously lost interviews, unseen game footage, and broadcast-quality copies of old E3 press conferences.

The new channel currently has only five videos on it, including some promotional material for games like D2, Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee, and Banjo Tooie, but it looks like there is a whole lot more to come in the future, which has got us very excited.

Noclip, of course, has been no stranger to uploading historical/preservation-themed videos in the past. Over on the main channel, it is responsible for producing an incredible series called Greatest Hits, which has looked into the legacy of classic games like RollerCoaster Tycoon, Thief, and Grand Theft Auto, often with the help of their original developers. It has also previously uploaded footage of unreleased games too, like the original Doom 4 and Arkane's cancelled Half-Life title Ravenholm.

We recommend giving the channel a follow, and considering supporting Noclip on Patreon for updates and other exclusive content. We'll try and keep you updated once more information is available.

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