Back in 1981, Nintendo released the Game & Watch handheld Chef – and like so many of its LCD-based devices, it was a huge hit.

Fast forward to 1997, and the company updated the concept with Modern Chef, a game that featured on the Game Boy Color collection Game & Watch Gallery 2. In it, characters from the Mario universe take centre stage, making it more visually appealing than the original.

Leap forward again to 2024, and indie developer Bunnynaut has created an unofficial remake of the game in the game called Modern Modern Chef.

"Faithfully recreated with completely hand-drawn artwork, playable with both the original gameplay style and a challenging new reaction-based game mode," says the game's official page. "Also included are several control and accessibility options plus secrets and unlockable extras! It's Modern Chef presented in a new bundle polished to a shine! A ModernModern Chef!"

Bunnynaut has stressed that this is "a personal fangame project with no affiliation to Nintendo" and that it is "never meant to be for sale, nor will it ever be for sale."

You can download it here.