Image: Sein-Soft

Another early Japanese action RPG that was originally released for the PC-88 is making the journey to the Nintendo Switch eShop as part of D4 Enterprise's EGGCONSOLE label of retro reissues; this time around, it's Sein Soft's classic 1985 title Tritorn (thanks Gosokkyu!).

Just to give you some background, Tritorn was originally released in 1985 for the PC-6001, PC-88, and Sharp X1, and was eventually ported to other platforms like the MSX, PC-98, and FM-7. It is the first of three Tritorn games from Sein Soft, which also includes Super Tritorn, and Tritorn II: Road of Darkness.

It is primarily played from a sidescrolling perspective similar to other action RPGs of the era like Nihon Falcom's Dragon Slayer II: Xanadu and Namco's arcade game Dragon Buster, though its combat takes more from the latter requiring you to press a button to swing your sword. There are also notably some light RPG mechanics present, borrowed from T&E Soft's Hydlide, letting you level up your health and strength (that are represented on the right of the screen) by earning experience.

The story of the game follows a lone warrior who is tasked with defending the once-peaceful land of Luwanda from the demon lord Pay Valusa and his army of monsters. Your goal is basically to guide the character through a bunch of maze-like rooms, filled with secrets, to locate Pay Valusa's lair and find a way to put a stop to their evil plans once and for all.

Fortunately, for those who want to give it a try, the game is one of those odd Japanese titles that despite never being released overseas is entirely in English, but that doesn't make it any less obtuse. So, take this as a warning that you might need to look up a few playthroughs or a guide if you happen to get stuck.

You can watch the Japanese trailer below, to see it in action:

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