Dragon Slayer IV
Image: D4 Enterprise

The MSX2 version of Dragon Slayer IV: The Drasle Family is heading to the Nintendo Switch as part of D4 Enterprise's EGGCONSOLE series of retro reissues, which is comprised of games originally released for classic Japanese computers (thanks 4Gamer!).

It is scheduled to arrive on April 11th in Japan and is expected to land on international storefronts shortly after (with Japanese text) if other EGGCONSOLE releases are anything to go by.

The fourth installment in Nihon Falcom's Dragon Slayer series, Dragon Slayer IV was originally released back in Japan in 1987 for MSX and MSX2-compatible computers, as well as the Nintendo Famicom.

In 1989, Broderbund released a localized version for the NES under the title Legacy of the Wizard, with this port of the game already being available on the Nintendo Switch via Namco Museum Archive Vol. 2

Dragon Slayer IV sees players take control of a family of woodsmen (called the Drasle family or the Worzen family depending on the source), as they embark on a quest through various dungeons to find the legendary "Dragon Slayer" — a mythical sword capable of defeating dragons. Each of the five characters is equipped with their special strengths and weaknesses to help them accomplish this and can also be switched out at any time by revisiting the family's house.

Notably, Dragon Slayer IV will be the first MSX-related release distributed as part of the EGGCONSOLE series, with all of the previous entries having previously been released for the PC-88 series of personal computers.

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