Cult JRPG Xak: The Art Of Visual Stage Is Coming To Switch 1
Image: Micro Cabin

Micro Cabin's PC-88 RPG Xak: The Art of Visual Stage is coming to the Project EGG range on Nintendo Switch, it has been revealed.

The first entry in the Xak series and considered by many to be the game which put Micro Cabin on the map, it launched on NEC's PC-8801 and PC-9801 systems in 1989 and would later come to the MSX2, X68000, PC Engine and Super Famicom.

Here's some PR, translated from the original Japanese by Google:

Of particular note is the "VR system," which enables three-dimensional and deep depictions. Thanks to this system, people and buildings are depicted naturally, making the world come to life.

In addition, this game is highly rated by many users due to its rich variety of monster battles, lively BGM, overwhelming vertical scrolling areas, and other effects that enliven the game.

The world of Xak is realistically depicted using a unique system.

This is a work recommended for those who want to enjoy a dramatic and action-packed RPG.

Over the years, the soundtrack to the game – composed by Ryuji Sasai and Tadahiro Nitta – has become something of a classic.

Xak II: Rising of the Redmoon would follow in 1990 and was released on the FM Towns, MSX2, PC-8801, PC-9801, X68000 and the PC-Engine (as part of the Xak I & II collection).

Xak: The Art of Visual Stage launched on Switch on March 28th, 2024.