PS2 Suffering From Sagging Cables? Check Out This Handy "Strain Relief" Support 1
Image: Gemma Smith / Time Extension

The PS2 remains one of the most popular consoles of all time and is home to some of gaming's greatest titles – so it's little wonder that many people still have their consoles set up and ready to play, even today.

The trouble is when used in its vertical orientation, the original PS2 can suffer from a sagging AV cable. Gravity causes the cable to droop, which in turn can lead to strain on both the cable and the AV connection on the console itself.

If this kind of thing worries you, then rest easy – a solution is available, and it doesn't cost the earth, either.

Kytor's "Strain Relief Support" clips around the cable and ensures that it has the necessary support to avoid any sagging or strain.

"When using your Sony PS2 Fat vertically, the component cables can sag, putting undue strain and stress on the cable and connector," says the product's description. "This strain relief support is a simple 'cable saver', turning the tide of the war gravity is waging against your consumer electronic signal carrying devices."

The support is compatible with official Sony AV cables and HD Retrovision's PlayStation 2/3 (PS2/PS3) Premium YPbPr Component Video Cable. Other cables are not supported, and the support won't work with the PS2 Slim.

If you fancy giving this a try and saving your cables from a fate worse than sagging, then head over here with $7 in your sweaty hand to order one. Or, using the links in the tweet above, you can 3D print your own.