This Playdate Mod Solves The Handheld's Biggest Failing 1
Image: @paulstraw

We're big fans of the Playdate here at Time Extension. Panic's tiny yellow handheld manages to capture that same feeling we had when we first picked up a Nintendo Game Boy all those years ago – but that includes one of the less-welcome features of that 1989 handheld: the lack of an illuminated screen.

While the Playdate's monochrome screen is pin-sharp, the lack of a light means playing it late at night can often be a frustrating experience. Thankfully, it seems that we now have a solution to this via modder @paulstraw.

As noted by @Guv_Bubbs, Straw has developed a Playdate light mod called pdlight. It appears to use the exact same Sharp-made screen but with an added front light.

The catch here is that the screen is slightly thicker, which means that Straw has had to create a new case for the console so all of the parts can fit in it nicely. The case is 3D-printed in its current form, but the plan is to make high-quality injection-molded versions. The plan is to eventually crowdfund the kit.

If you find yourself struggling to use your Playdate due to the lack of a screen light, then this project might be worth keeping an eye on.