Turn Your WonderSwan Color Into A Home Console With This New Kit 1
Image: @zan2zanjp

A retailer in Japan is demonstrating a new kit which transforms Bandai's WonderSwan Color into a fully-fledged home console.

Kaden No Ken-Chan in Akiba is the same store that sold the Mobile Famicom Creation Kit and the Famicom LCD Cartridge, and has been showing off the new WonderSwan kit to customers.

The store expects to have kits for sale later this month, and will sell them through the month of July.

It seems likely that the kit is based on zwenergy's open-source swancolorHD project, but we haven't had confirmation of that as yet.

The Bandai WonderSwan was the final console to feature input from the late Gunpei Yokoi, creator of Nintendo's Game & Watch and Game Boy systems. He was tragically killed in a traffic accident in 1997, before the system launched in Japan.

The WonderSwan sold 3.5 million units across all of its various hardware configurations and was never released outside of Japan.

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