Modern Vintage Gamer Digs Into The PS2's Much-Hyped "Emotion Engine" 1
Image: Gemma Smith / Time Extension

If you're old enough to remember the pre-launch hype that accompanied the arrival of the PlayStation 2, then the words "Emotion Engine" will no doubt be burned into your memory.

With the PS1 firmly established as the market leader and the Sega Dreamcast gathering momentum, it was vital that Sony hit the ground running with its next machine – and part of that was good, old-fashioned marketing.

It proclaimed that the Emotion Engine would allow for experiences that simply weren't possible on any other system – and while the hype worked, and the PS2 would go on to become the best-selling console of all time, Sony's promises were perhaps a little over the top.

The always-excellent Modern Vintage Gamer has released a new video which looks into the impact of the Emotion Engine, and investigates if the complex, multi-chip brain of the PS2 really did result in better games.

The video does an excellent job of charting the evolution of Sony's best-selling platform, showcasing the performance gap which many early adopters felt, right up to the games which pushed the system to its maximum potential.