Remember When Dreamcast And PS2 Had Cross-Play In 2001? 1
Image: Capcom

Cross-play remains a hot topic even in 2024. While many of the most popular titles are available across multiple formats, it's not always a given that players from one platform will be able to compete with those on another – but what's truly amazing is that such barriers were being overcome as long ago as 2001.

As we noted yesterday, Capcom vs. SNK 2 launched on the Dreamcast and PS2 on the exact same day in Japan, and actually allowed players to compete with one another online, irrespective of which version they owned.

It's easy to see the logic in this; Sega had already stated it was pulling out of the console market, so allowing its Japanese user base to play against their PS2-owning friends certainly wasn't going to have a negative impact on the console's fortunes.

Sega's OpenDice framework made it all possible, and other titles included Guru Guru Onsen 2+3, which could connect to the PS2 version, Dai Guru Guru Onsen.

Sadly, this functionality didn't extend to the West. Boo.