Galaga '88 Comes To Analogue Pocket And MiSTer FPGA 1
Image: Namco

FPGA developer Jotego has resumed the development of his Namco System 1 core and has added support for the 1987 title Galaga '88.

"On the core development side, the focus is on closing the open betas," he says on his latest Patreon update. "JTSHOUSE is one of them. We have continued working on it, and all Namco System 1 games boot up in the core now. However, most of them are unplayable due to graphics problems. Splatter House was already available, and we are adding Galaga '88 this week. Pac-Mania is close to being ready for beta as well. The rest of the compatible games need more work, though."

In addition to this, Jotego has also released a beta for Technōs Japan's Karate Champ for the Analogue Pocket. This will only be available to his Patreon supporters.