Contra Has Been Ported To The SNES 1
Image: Konami

ROM hacker @infidelity_nes has ported the Famicom version of Contra to the SNES.

The talented hacker has already performed the same trick with Mega Man and Metroid.

Infidelity_nes is keen to point out that he has chosen to port the Famicom version of the game, which is considered by many fans to be superior to the NES version.

The gameplay is the same, but Konami used a custom MMC called the VRC2, which allowed for improved visuals and cutscenes. The Famicom version also includes an additional song which isn't present in the NES version.

The port is currently available to Infidelity_nes's Patreon subscribers. Let us know if you've tried it out by posting a comment below.