Fatal Fury Producer Still Feels Bad That Fan Favourite Fighter Didn't Make It Into Smash Bros. 1
Image: SNK

Remember back in 2019 when Masahiro Sakurai said that Mai Shiranui wasn't featured in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate because the game is for "good boys and girls of many different ages"?

It turns out that the female fighter's omission has troubled Fatal Fury producer Yasuyuki Oda all these years, as he's playfully cited it as one of his biggest regrets over the collaboration, which saw Terry Bogard join the ranks of Nintendo's crossover brawl-fest.

Oda was recently interviewed by Event Hubs, and was asked what his biggest complaint was regarding Bogard's inclusion in the Switch game.

"The fact that Mai couldn't be shown as a background character for all the good boys and girls," was his reply, although it's worth noting that it was delivered with his tongue firmly in cheek.

Shiranui was apparently excluded because her rather revealing outfit would cause the game to receive an increased age rating.

"By the way, you may have noticed that a very important character from the Fatal Fury series was not included," said Sakurai at the time. "Yes, Mai Shiranui. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is for good boys and girls of many different ages, so we decided not to feature her. Please forgive us."

Fans would find their own way of getting her into the game, however.

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