Fatal Fury's Mai Shiranui Is In This Zombie Survival Game, For Some Reason 1
Image: @DoomsdayEN

The wild and wacky world of free-to-play smartphone gaming has given us some unexpected crossovers, but this latest one takes the biscuit, we have to say.

Doomsday: Last Survivors is described as "a zombie survival game with multiplayer online competition and real-time strategy elements" that is "set in a near future where zombies have taken over the world."

As the brave commander, it's your job to lead your fellow survivors and help them "to build their shelter, explore fog-filled areas, and fight the zombies and rival factions."

Not exactly the natural habitat for a Fatal Fury's Mai Shiranui, you could argue – but she's coming to the game regardless (thanks, Event Hubs).

The event is marked as being in collaboration specifically with The King Of Fighters '97, another SNK series in which Shiranui stars. We've no idea why that particular game has been chosen. We're also not 100% convinced the character model's face is a good match, either – but fans will be pleased to know that her other "assets" (ahem) remain intact.

This isn't the first time that SNK has dabbled in this kind of thing; Metal Slug was recently involved in a crossover event with competitive mobile RTS Warpath, but at least that felt like a natural fit.

SNK is currently working on a new entry in the Fatal Fury series entitled City of the Wolves.

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