Warpath x Metal Slug 3
Image: Lillith Games / SNK

SNK's Metal Slug 3 is joining forces with the competitive RTS game Warpath, it has been revealed.

Developed by Shanghai-based Lilith Games and available on PC, iOS, and Android, Warpath is a "classic real-time strategy game where players build their forces to unleash fury on enemy units through strategic ground combat or advanced aerial assault," according to its developer.

As part of this new 'Warpath X Metal Slug 3' crossover, Marco Rossi and Eri Kasamoto will join your army, alongside the iconic 'Metal Slug Super Vehicle', also known as SV-001.

"Compete in an all-new, exclusive event by first choosing to join either Team Marco Rossi or Team Eri Kasamoto," says Lilith Games. "Increase your chosen team’s power by completing a series of tasks for a chance to win cash prizes and in-game rewards."

You can register for the event here.