Rocket Panda
Image: @megacatstudios

Publisher Mega Cat Studios has just announced that it will be launching a crowdfunding campaign for a new Sega Genesis / Mega Drive game this week.

Created by UK-based Space Pants Games (Julian Scott and Ben Everett), Rocket Panda will showcase classic 2D platforming action across seven levels and, according to the publisher, promises to deliver "an authentic retro journey" for lovers of Sega's legendary 16-bit console.

"Rocket Panda embraces a nostalgic Sega gaming experience by launching fans into this 16-bit classic console experience," reads the game's PR. "The game will be developed for Sega Genesis and Mega Drive, promising an authentic retro journey for enthusiasts of these iconic platforms. As a special treat, backers can also opt for the ROM version of Rocket Panda, ensuring compatibility with various emulators and providing a digital piece of gaming history."

The Kickstarter campaign offers various funding tiers. "From limited-edition pins and captivating art prints to unique collectables, backers can choose a tier that not only supports the game's development but also rewards them with tangible memorabilia inspired by the portly and lovable Rocket Panda," continues the PR. "Fans will not want to miss the chance to secure these one-of-a-kind items and be a part of Rocket Panda's journey into the hearts of Sega Genesis and Mega Drive enthusiasts worldwide."

The Kickstarter campaign launches this Thursday, February 15th. Mega Cat Studios is also holding a special competition to win a unique edition of the game, which you can enter here.