MSX Hardware Catalogue
Image: G-Walk

A new book called The MSX Hardware Catalogue is set to be released later this month in Japan, covering all 134 models of the MSX computer. This includes products from companies like National, Panasonic, and Sony, to name just a few (thanks GameWatch!)

In case you're unaware and need a quick recap, the MSX was a home computer architecture, which was first released back in 1983. It aimed to create a unified set of standards for various home computing systems at the time and was eventually adopted by several Japanese manufacturers who built and released their own MSX home computers to take advantage of the platform.

While not originally designed with gaming in mind, it eventually became home to popular titles from Japanese studios like Konami, Hudson Soft, Nihon Falcom, and Compile, and the birthplace of the popular series Metal Gear. There's even an active community surrounding these machines to this day, who are still creating and releasing new software designed to push these machines to their limits.

The new 192-page book is being released by the publisher G-Walk, who (among other things) is known for its Perfect Catalogue series taking a look back at old hardware and software (this previously included the MSX Perfect Catalogue). It is currently available to pre-order on Amazon Japan for ¥2,750.

As far as we're aware, the book is not going to be translated into English sadly, but the import site PlayAsia has the Japanese book currently listed for pre-order should you still want to pick up a copy for your shelf regardless.

PlayAsia is selling the book for £21.49, with orders expected to ship on March 4th, 2024.

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