Sega Saturn
Image: Jack Yarwood / Time Extension

The Sega Saturn core for MiSTer FPGA has come on leaps and bounds in recent months, and according to @MisterAddons, it's now compatible with 95.5% of the console's North American software library.

While some of those games still exhibit visual or audio issues, they boot fine and are playable – which is great news for owners of MiSTer.

Furthermore, it has been found that the core functions just as well on single and dual RAM MiSTer units.

MisterAddons has also been testing Japanese games on the core, and the results are equally encouraging.

It was once assumed that Saturn wouldn't be possible on MiSTer or any current-generation FPGA hardware – but the amazing progress being made with this core, in particular, proves that with the right talent and enough time, anything is possible.

MiSTer's N64 core is also making good progress.