Image: @project_egg

D4 Enterprise has shared the first-ever glimpse at the 1ChipMSX3 hobby PC on the Project Egg Twitter account, its successor to the MSX line of Japanese home computers (thanks GAME Watch!).

The 1ChipMSX3 is set to be the first product in the MSX3 family (which was announced by MSX co-creator Katsuhiko Nishi back in 2022) and is expected to arrive sometime next year. D4 will be the distributor of the hobby PC and claims in its tweet on the subject that the item probably won't be funded through a crowdfunding campaign but instead sold directly to customers.

The image that was distributed of the device online shows two blue MSX cartridges plugged into a transparent shell, with the MSXEngine3 board resting atop the device while the MSX3 Motherboard Lite sits within. There are no exact specifications released, but the computer is expected to take advantage of the FPGA capabilities of the ZYNQ 7020.

In addition to the 1ChipMSX3 news, D4 also interestingly announced in a follow-up tweet that it is also considering offering a paid upgrade service for the 1ChipMSX (a personal computer that it released back in 2006 in limited quantities). This would transform these devices into the tentatively titled "1ChipMSXPlus", though exactly what benefits users should expect from this upgrade has yet to be officially revealed.

We'll keep you posted once we hear more.

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