Illusion City
Image: Microcabin

Microcabin's cyberpunk RPG Illusion City is finally playable in English.

Originally released on the MSX Turbo R in 1991, the game takes place in 21st-century Hong Kong, a city that has been decimated by powerful demonic forces. The story focuses on Tianren, a demon hunter who aims to uncover the mystery behind the SIVA corporation, the entity that rebuilt Hong Kong following the attack.

The game was later released on the PC-88 and PC-98 personal computers, as well as the FM Towns, X68000 and Sega Mega-CD. Despite its popularity in Japan, it never received an official localisation in the West.

This complete English language translation comes thanks to 232 (translation, research, beta testing), Max Iwamoto (reverse engineering, coding, GFX, fonts, re-design, beta testing) and Vampier (proofing, beta testing).

You can check out a trailer showcasing the translation's main features below.

The MSX has been in the news recently thanks to its 40th anniversary and the arrival of new hardware.