Sega Force Mega
Image: Fusion Retro

If you're old enough to have lived through the console wars of the early '90s then you might recall a publication by the name of Sega Force.

Published by Europress between 1992 and 1993, it featured the artwork of the late Oli Frey, and focused on covering Sega Mega Drive / Genesis, Master System and Game Gear titles.

The brand is being revived by Fusion Retro Books as Sega Force Mega, a new bi-monthly 60-page A5 magazine devoted to retro, homebrew, arcade and current-gen Sega.

"The first issue (which is a trial) is ready to print," says Fusion Retro Books. "The plan is to send that to print once we have a good idea of the popularity of what we are doing here. There is every chance you could get the first issue before XMAS! If we continue with the magazine, we will also be producing A5 binders, branded with the logo."

You can pre-order issue one for £4.99 here.