Hop Top
Image: @heragaaa

Miracle - the indie developer currently working on the anime-inspired tile-matching game Dreamshot Fantasia - has just announced a surprise new Steam title.

The game, which is called Hot Top, was revealed on social media yesterday and is expected to arrive on the digital storefront in the coming weeks. It sees players taking control of a bird named Hop as they climb an insect-filled tower avoiding traps and using the various platforms available to ascend.

On the surface, it may appear to simply be just another in a long list of clones inspired by the 2009 platforming hit Doodle Jump (albeit with lovely retro-themed graphics), but what's fascinating about Hot Top is that it also throws in some shoot-em-up mechanics to switch up the formula.

As players ascend, waves of enemy bugs will appear on screen in formations, similar to Namco's 1981 fixed shooter Galaga, with players having to blast these away to clear the path ahead. It's a novel choice and one we expect will go some way to adding a little more depth to the overall experience.

According to the Steam page, there will be three different modes available to players upon launch. These include a campaign mode, arcade mode, and endless mode.

The Steam page for the game is already live, so if you want to head over there and wishlist the game you can do so now!

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