Super Mario Bros. Bandai 1986 Keshi Gomu Figures
Image: @KeshiCorner

Back in October 2022, we told you about Mr. Talida and their ongoing preservation project to archive old video game toys and merchandise using 3D scanning technology.

And ever since, they've clearly been busy, posting regular updates of their continuing attempts to digitize their impressive video game-related Keshi-Gomu collection, which are essentially small rubber figures that were originally distributed in gachapon machines.

Last August, Mr. Talida let it be known that they had collected and scanned a full set of Legend of Zelda Bandai figures from 1986, telling us at the time that they were also near to completing Bandai's 1986 set for Super Mario Bros. 1. Well, now, as of this week, it appears they've finally finished the job, uploading the full set of Mario figures to for you to download, print, and paint yourself.

The download includes 21 STL files for characters like Blooper, Bowser, Princess Peach, Mario, and Toad, as well as a 1200dpi scan of the gachapon cardboard display.

You can grab the full set of files here.

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