Toxic Tomb
Image: Jacobo García / Locomalito

Locomalito, the developer behind titles like Super Hydorah, L'Abbaye des Morts, and Solar Gladiators, has just released a brand new Master System-inspired game for Windows computers.

Toxic Tomb sees players take control of a Demon hunter named "Lime Eyes", who is tasked with exploring a dangerous power plant after it's put on high alert and contact is lost with the two rescue teams that have been sent in to uncover what's wrong.

Equipped with a sword and a pistol, players will find themselves battling against a transdimensional threat, as they make their way through the game's 9 levels, with the ultimate goal being to destroy all of the generators and rid the plant of the ectoplasmic infestation. They can also chain together enemy kills for maximum points and collect stars in each level to unlock additional bonuses.

According to the devs, the game was developed over six months and sticks to a 16-color palette, with a 248x192 resolution. It also features a PSG chiptune soundtrack, which you can listen to in the clip above.

Fancy giving it a go? You can grab it here for free.