Game Boy Color Speedometer
Image: James McNichol

Remember a short while ago, we reported on an original monochrome Game Boy console being given a second lease of life as a car's digital speedometer? Well, someone has gone one better than that, transforming the handheld's successor, the Game Boy Color, into the same thing.

Modder James McNichol – who runs the Inkdretro Instagram account and has also created a NES controller that unlocks his car – spoke to The Drive about the mod, which is totally wireless.

"It's a GPS module housed inside the Game Boy, purely so it's completely wireless and can be used with any car, bike, etcetera," he said. "It's powered by an internal [lithium polymer battery], but making an OBD [on-board diagnostics] version would be easy enough." That version would be able to "tell you almost anything about the car while you drive," added McNichol.

So what's next for the modder? Speaking about his NES key fob and GBC speedometer, he says: "I honestly didn't expect those to get as much attention as they did. Both seemed silly to me, but I wanted to see if I could make them. Not sure about [what's] next, either an OBD version of the Game Boy, or possibly a sat nav, once my DMs recover from this one."