Back in the '90s, two of cinema's most iconic robots did battle in the risible RoboCop Versus The Terminator, a rather clunky mash-up which launched on a wide range of systems, including the SNES, Master System, Mega Drive, Game Gear and Game Boy.

While the game met with a somewhat lukewarm reception, it does have its fans – and now, those same fans can play a sequel of sorts in the form of RoboCop Vs Predator, a homebrew title created by Oscar Celestini for PC.

While it's currently only playable on Windows PCs, RoboCop Vs Predator has a Game Boy aesthetic, aping the classic 'pea soup' monochrome visuals of Nintendo's best-selling handheld. It even has a faithful chiptune soundtrack by Gianluca Pappalardo to match the lo-fi visuals.

The quality of the game is seriously impressive, and there's fun to be had spotting the '80s pop culture references (Jack Burton, Kurt Russell's character from Big Trouble in Little China, makes a cameo, for example).

The best news of all is that RoboCop Vs Predator is totally free to download, so head here to grab your copy.