Elden Ring
Image: FromSoftware

We've seen some impressive fan-made ports of classic games for retro systems recently, but a recent video which appears to show Elden Ring running on the Nintendo 3DS takes things to the next level – but it's sadly not real.

As reported by TheGamer, Reddit user F*ckriotgames7 shared footage of FromSoftware's game running on a 3DS, albeit at a painfully low resolution and frame rate.

The "Touch screen to wake up" text on the console's bottom display should have set alarm bells ringing, but the original poster admitted that the game wasn't being played natively on Nintendo's handheld, but was instead being streamed to it using Pinbox, an app which allows you to cast media from a PC to the 3DS. Getting the game 'running' on 3DS took three hours, according to F*ckriotgames7.

Was it worth the effort? Probably not, but at least it got the interest a little bit excited about a potential 3DS port of one of the greatest games of all time, right?

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[source reddit.com, via thegamer.com]